Fatalities in Negros Oriental Earthquake in Philippines

The number of fatalities due to the magnitude 6.9 earthquake that struck Negros Oriental Monday morning rose to 47 as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, a report from the 302nd Infantry Brigade (IB) of the Philippine Army said.

Also, 30 people are still missing in Planas, Guihulngan City and 20 others in Jimalalud.

Meanwhile, 40 people were reported wounded and undergoing treatment at the Guihulngan Hospital.

In Barangay Solonggon, La Libertad, 60 houses vanished due to a landslide as a result of the earthquake, while 29 houses were affected also by a landslide in Planas.

The breakdown of the fatalities is as follows: 21 in Planas; 5 in Poblacion Guihulngan; 2 in Martilo, La Libertad; 1, Magsaysay, Guihunlngan; 1, St. Francis, Guihungan; 3, Himalalud; 2, Tayasan; 11, La Libertad; 1, Binday; and 1 in Bais City.

Canadian volunteers have brought medicines for distribution to the victims at the 302nd IB, but the people are appealing for more help particularly for food, clothing and other basic necessities.

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