Number of Tourists Who Visit the Philippines

Department of Tourism Secretary Alberto A. Lim is positive that the department will be able to meet its year-end target of 3.3 million tourists due to the current market uptrend despite challenges.

“The DOT remains unperturbed even by the recently-issued travel advisories from six countries. Together with the Philippine National Police (PNP), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the various interviews given are summarized as “no imminent danger.

“As courtesy and precautionary measure, alert levels are raised and efforts doubled to ensure safety and security of the public and visitors; and, an appeal to the respective governments has been aired for the review and lifting of said advisories,” said tourism Secretary Lim.

Over the weekend, the United Kingdom had given its clarification and, hopefully, the other countries will follow, even as President Benigno Simeon Aquino III himself has vowed to take up the issue in a forthcoming summit of state leaders in Japan.

Foreign advisories by some countries brought about the hostage taking of Hong Kong tourists last August 23 slowed down Philippine tourism a bit but the industry has since picked up and is on the way to full recovery.

“I am most happy to share that industry performance for the first seven months of the year gives us hope in attaining our year-end target of 3.3 million visitors,” Secretary Lim said.

Lim added that visitor arrivals reached 2.3 million, registering a 14.99 period growth rate over the same period last year, a clear indication that the Philippines remains a favorite among foreign tourists.

Brimming with optimism, the tourism chief said, “Even if we incur a slowdown in the months following the tragic hostage taking incident, we are optimistic that November and December figures will be on the rebound as historical peak periods.”

Statistical data show that all months of the year have shown increases with July and August indicating the highest growth rates at 24.6 percent and 22.1 percent, respectively.

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  1. Regin S. Reyno says:

    Mr. Alberto Lim

    I’m really concerned about tourism in the Philippines as I know this will boost our economy. But compared to other asean countried, we’re still behind even if the Philippines is full of beautiful and wonderful places. The problem is we don’t sell our country that much. Whenever I watch ESPN, there’s an ad about incredible India, Malasia truly asia, singpore but no Philippines. Please advertise our country. Sell it in those tv networks,magazines etc. I miss the wow Philippines slogan of Dick Gordon when he was still the tourism secretary. Very creative and he is very open minde withlots of ideas to promote tourism. I hope you will do that too. Sell our beautiful country por favor. Wow Philippines!
    Next thing is, regarding backpackers. Backpackers are budget traveles who go from country to country and stay there for a long time. Months. They use to live in budget hotels and takes the cheapest food and accomodation. They are the real travelers and there are plenty of them. Backpackers in SEA tend to skip Philippines because we dont have enough facilities for them. We only cater rich yuppie tourist. You should research more on this. Consider the accomodation,backpacker’s trail,inexpensive restaurants. As i have said you should research more on this. Backpackers are the majority of tourist is southeast asia but they are skipping the Philippines and heading to thailand,vietnam,and laos instead because of those reasons. Please take action on these and attract backpackers for them to enjoy our beautiful country and boost our tourism and economy.

  2. Ver Monge says:

    It seems that the Philippines is lagging behind with its neighbors in terms of advertising the country as a tourist destination. Malaysia, for example, continue
    to advertise in Cable TV stations. The same with Hongkong, Singapore and even Shanghai China even if they are already considered tourists magnets.

    Continue improving tourists destination right in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines in terms of 1) infra structure, 2) security, 3) setting tourists friendly policemen, (take note, not “PULISAN” and 4) minimization of scalpers and bad elements targeting tourists.

  3. Teng says:

    Decongest Metro Manila (and Cebu) from traffic. For Metro Manila, one solution is put up a Central provincial bus station for the north in one area say in Fairview and another Central provincial bus station for the south somewhere in Taguig/Sucat or near MOA. An elevated 3-lane (each way) highway connecting NLEX and SLEX. Appropriate buses, jeepneys, taxis stops.

    More electric/solar tricycles, jeepneys, taxis and buses. Put up electrical charging stations/swap battery stations for these electric vehicles.

    Create 4 to 5 (25 to 35) hectare of leisure/green parks in Metro Manila. These parks will also serve as a catch basins during rainy days. Regulated food vendors and other type of vendors may be allowed to occupy say 4 to 5 days a week (for a minimal fee) from 5 pm to 3 am – small portion of these parks.

    Planting of 4 to 5 million trees within the mega cities like Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, etc.

    Create bicycle lanes/pathways within the city.

    Putting up of Waste Water treatment Plants within the city. Continue cleaning of canals, tributaries, rivers and lakes.

    Remove/relocate illegal settlers first those near, nearer, nearest NAIA Terminal airport 1, 2 and 3. Give them livelihood – make them a part to help clean-up Metro Manila.

    To stop discriminating those who are 50 years old and above from being employed by companies. Instead of not accepting them to be employed because of old age,allow them to help build our country by teaching them to be productive and by not discriminating them.

    Continue to promote organic farming.

    There must be excellent facilities for backpackers – pension houses and hotels, regulated food vendors, more signages – for domestic and foreign tourists.

    We need to have the best service, best service and still best service!

    How about “Glorious Philippines!”

    God bless the Philippines!

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