Pnoy Sona 2011 Highlight, Summary, Reaction

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by President Benigno S. Aquino III on Monday was simple yet full of meaning, according to Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog who was one of the local chief executives (LCEs) invited to witness the event.

Mabilog said that the President has stressed on good housekeeping, which means that shortcuts will not be entertained and instead what is legal should be followed from the national government down to local government units (LGUs).

“As much as possible to eliminate if not drastically reduce corruption,” he added.

With the case of this city, Mabilog emphasized that the LGU has already responded to the call even as the Commission on Audit (COA) during its exit conference has given the city a very good rating.

“We totally follow the instructions of our President that’s why you can see that everything is done properly without shortcuts,” he added.

The mayor further stated that the city has its own hotline that entertains any feedback from clients regarding its delivery of services. The hotline, he said, has contributed a lot in the efficient provision of services at the City Hall.

He added that he is thankful that in surveys conducted, the public has given the city high rating even as he encouraged, especially members of the media to help in promoting the city for investors.

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  1. samantha april sta. ines says:

    di ko napanood,
    may pasok kasi.

  2. mheygel says:

    the truth is! tao ang my problema! kht d c p.ninoy ang nanalo gnyan at gnyan pdn ang sitwasyon ng bansa sa kadhilanang mali ang mga attitude at gawi ng mga tao, unang pasaway ay ang mga taong reklamador!

    isang opinyun na dapat na mapuna ng iba!

  3. facfreak says:

    whahahahah…..pangako lage naman napapako…

  4. JuanDLC says:

    the speech was primarily addressed to his ‘boss’ – you’ve guessed it – the people. Symbolic and anecdotal as the speech may seem to be, it didn’t fail to give the idea of what Pnoy’s plans are and what could be expected of his administration for the next years to come. After nine and a half years of enduring the worst and most vulgar forms of corruption, pnoy is offering us the hope that first, we can recover, and then, move onward. For Pnoy, recovery partly means making previous corrupt leaders pay for the irregularities they have committed. it is the closure we all need to move on. For what its worth, it is the most promising SONA we’ve heard so far considering what the country had gone through before…

  5. Mirah Santos says:

    @JuanDLC: nakatulong ka talaga sa assignment ko….
    tama ka rin naman e.

  6. Mirah Santos says:

    @JuanDLC: nakatulong ka talaga sa assignment ko….
    tama ka rin naman e!

  7. abigail sabanal says:

    ..kung lahat ay kikilos.. cguradong uunlad tayo… nsa atin din “bilang mamamayan” ang paraan kung paano mapapadali ang pamumuhay ntin..

  8. jhem says:

    Mark ur word !! pnoy

  9. allana says:

    Hindi naman kasi kasalanan ni Pnoy na sobrang dami ng iniwang problema ni Gloria diba?? saka onti lang yung naiwang pondo.. so kahit naman sino, puro problema ka na nga, wala ka pang pera, sa tingin mo madaalian kang isolve yung problema mo? lahat naman kc ng naging presidente natin lahat nalang ayaw nila, san papunta ang Pilipinas kung ganyan ng ganyan?? haaayyss. tsk2.

  10. secret says:

    wala namang kuwenta ung sona ni pinoy eh kasi inulit niya lang ung sona niya dati 2010 .

  11. april says:

    dapat ang gawin niya ay tulungan niya ung mga mahi2rap

  12. april says:

    dapat ang gawin niya ay tulungan niya ung mga mahi2rap ewan ko sa inyo

  13. tiboy says:

    i really admire PNOY for having a great job…
    i do believe that he can greatly help for the improvement of our country… ^_^

  14. enjyl jay says:

    your my boss…statement that makes Pnoy so Popular…I appreciate Pnoy SONa but im really hoping what heve promised in our country..just keep up the good work..God bless.mabuhay ang Pilipinas..:-)

  15. it so much nice when Pnoy use our own language as he deliver his speech during his SONA…I really appreciate his statements and promises.Filipinos can easily understand what his talking about.hehehe…Bukidnon’s people are still waiting for his action in our provincial problem esp. the retirement of Migz Zubiri,who our voice in the senate.Im still hoping that those projects that will going to establish will be comin’ true.Philippines is now submerging from its economic crisis and it should be fix by Pnoy.In the remaining years of his position will be meaningful and successive if all of us Filipinos will going to help him.God bless Philippines!!!!!!MABUHAY ANG LAHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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