Trace Trajano Scandal – Bo Sanchez Washes Hands

By: Ma. Esther Salcedo – Posadas
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Through what appears to be his own twitter page with his photo on it, Trace Trajano (who claims a P275 million real estate portfolio in the Philippines) announced to the world that he is quitting giving his real estate seminars: “I began the One Million Pinoy Millionaires Mission 3 years ago. And in that short time, I have created several hundreds of millionaires all over the country. I find fulfillment when I see a young guy like Pius make half a million pesos a month because of what I teach. But I want peace of mind and so I am quitting giving real estate seminars. I will still continue the One Million Millionaires some other way but it will no longer be by giving real estate seminars.”

The decision came amid allegations of fraud that have been documented online by certain persons who brought up a number of issues, including a claim that students paid $5,000 lifetime coaching but never got what was bargained for.

Bo Sanchez

Bo Sanchez of Shepherds Voice Publications once published Trajano’s book but the preacher’s apparent Facebook page reiterates that they are no longer connected with Trajano.

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